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Titolo: Lazio - Chievo Verona
Inserito da: Maple - 26 Apr 2015, 22:51
I have been reading the "pagelle" and I don't understand why everyone keeps blaming Radu for Chievo's goal today.
He clearly left his man to play the ball, then the ball was slightly deflected by the head of either Mauricio or Novaretti, and by then it was too late.

The player to blame for today was exclusively Candreva.  And not for the missed chances, because they can happen to anyone at any time, but because he is much too selfish with the ball.

If we were to replay the game exactly as it was played, but Candreva distributes the ball instead of keeping it, we create many more chances and possibly make it 2-0 in the first half of the game.

Any thoughts? And Forza Lazio!!!!!!!!!
Titolo: Re:Lazio - Chievo Verona
Inserito da: jp1900 - 26 Apr 2015, 23:04
Maple, we have always to find a responsible, but today I think we only had bad luck, for the injured players and for some chances that we had not realised. Keep calm and Forza Lazio!
Titolo: Re:Lazio - Chievo Verona
Inserito da: Maple - 26 Apr 2015, 23:35
Hello JP
I am writing from Canada, where we play and follow ice hockey.  Ice hockey is a sport where there are 30 or 40 shots on net (chances to score) by each team almost every game.  A hockey player can afford to be selfish because his team will still create many, many scoring chances per game. 

In the beautiful game of soccer it is very different.  Soccer is a sport where a team usually creates only 3 or 4 good chances to score per game.  For that reason, it is critical to to be unselfish.  When Candreva plays as he did today, he does not help our situation, especially when Mauri and Biglia are missing.

Forza Lazio!!!!!!!!