Lazio Midfield

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Lazio Midfield
« il: 01 Dic 2011, 12:34 »
Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Lazio, and have been a fan, as my father was, for my entire life!
Our midfield is the weakest part of this team.  It basically consists of 2 styles of players, with very few of them being exceptional at their positions.

The offensive, creative, playmaker type is where we are lacking.  IMHO they are as follows:
Mauri - the best we have, however rarely fit
Lulic - he will eventually become our best midfielder
Hernanes - much too selfish, will always remain that way, needs to be sold
Matuzalem - occasionally shows little signs of vision, but also needs to be sold

The defensive, grinding, holding type midfielder is what we have a lot of, and IMHO they are as follows:
Ledesma - defends fairly well, individually gifted, however creatively challenged
Brocchi - great intensity, defendes well, incredibly fit, shows very little offensively
Gonzales - good intensity, can defend, shows some offence, can become effective
Cana - good intensity, can defend, can taclke, needs to still learn italian soccer

Please tell me what you think.

CIAO..............................FORZA LAZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:Lazio Midfield
« Risposta #1 il: 03 Dic 2011, 19:21 »
Hello dude! ;)
Nice to see we have fans on international level even tho those arent our best years really.

About your list i have to point out some things,i dont agree we have to sell Hernanes which is,by quality,our best player at this moment.
Players like him needs always to be put in the best case scenario to do their best and guide the team to grow and maybe pull some more brasilian talents to us,such as neymar (ye,i may be dreaming...) or ganso.  :beer:
Indeed,being not a top club Lazio may be forced to sell some players for finance some future restyling of our team.It happen and it will always happen,but needs to be done in the good way or we'll loose alot in the process (see zarate's investment that didnt gave us what we expected in the long term :( )

About matuzalem,even if i like him much more than ledesma,i think he has close to no market and would be hard to sell him.
He could become some sort of luxury reserve if he would ever be able to play more than 15 matches/season,otherwise,hes just a plus weight in the long run until contract expires.
I agree that Lulic is a very good perspective but i see him more as a leftback (like Kolarov) than as a midfielder to be honest.
Hes being adapted in the midfield due to heavy injuries occured this season and lack of movement midfielder nowadays,but his best he does playing on his natural role.
Mauri is useful,but its above 32 already,he is always under injury or rarely he plays at his best,when he does we gain alot,but we cant really count on him and this season is proving it.
Cana been a complete fail on the italian football impact,gettin rid of him,even due to the high salary he gets now will be very very hard,we didnt needed him this summer and we dont need him now,wrong move that now we'll have to payout.
Brocchi good and reliable but hes 35 years old also,i think Gonzalez can replace him but need to be seen on more matches to get more thoughts about his real quality.
About ledesma we fight alot between us even here in this forum.  :beer:
The truth is that with him we know what we can have and what not,he was doing well when we had a lesser growth objectives,but now hes the main question since his taking over a fundamental role in the team and dont pays out for it.

Ciao! ;)

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Re:Lazio Midfield
« Risposta #2 il: 05 Dic 2011, 12:34 »
I agree with most of what you said regarding most of the players (Matuz, Mauri, Brocchi, Gonzo and Ledesma).
However, I still feel that we should consider selling Hernanes, especially because he has good market value. 

He is the same type of player as Zarate.  Not the same position, but both are highly skilled, yet have very little soccer vision.  Both are very individual, and although they can score some spectacular goals, they both don't see the field, and therefore don't create those 3 or 4 chances per game that another player would.  A true "trequartista" or "regista" should always look to create goal scoring chances first, before selfishly trying to shoot from 30 metres.  It also keeps the strikers and "esterni" more active on the field.  How many times has it seemed like our strikers where standing still when Hernanes, or even Zarate, had the ball.  This was because they don't expect service from these individual types of players. 

Cisse is no different.  He is capable of scoring goals in Italy, but only on a team that plays to him.  Lazio's style is very "north south".  Long balls from the defence or Ledesma.  This is why we have problems scoring goals.

IMHO - noi non c'abbiamo gioco, and this is due to players like Hernanes and Ledesma, and not Reja.

Ciao, and FORZA LAZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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