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« il: 11 Mar 2014, 20:49 »
The more I read from the italian pages of, the more I realize that some of our tifosi have it all wrong.
As much as it hurts them to admit, they have to come to the realization that we do not own SS Lazio, a certain Mr Claudio Lotito does (or at least the largest part of the shares, which makes him the "controlling" shareholder).

Tifosi are supposed to love and support their soccer team, and not necessarily the corporation.
Do you really think that the other teams tifosi love Berlusconi, Galliani, Thohir, Agnelli, etc?  I don't think so.  What they do love is the opportunity of going to the stadium every 14 days, and cheering for their team.  I live in Canada, and can only dream about the opportunity of going to the stadium to watch my Lazio play.  You are all right around the corner from the Olimpico, and choose not to go, because you are all trying to make a point to Lotito that you are not happy.

Just think, if Marchetti was a little sharper against Ludogorets, and we would have won on Sunday against Atalanta (two things which could have easily happened) we now would have still been in Europa League and we would have been within striking difference of 4th place in the league..........

Not too bad for a team with all these problems.


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« Risposta #1 il: 12 Mar 2014, 02:14 »
Cari Lazionetters,
Se volete, mi potete rispondere in italiano.  Lo leggo e lo caspisco bene abastanza.  Non lo scrivo tanto bene.

« Risposta #2 il: 12 Mar 2014, 08:31 »
I'm sorry that i didn't read it before (i'm not browsing much this section 'cuz it seems to be quite inactive lately).

Honestly this year i went to olimpico only for match against Sassuolo,so this explains which is my position about the contestation towards lotito but the whole thing is broken,starting from ourselfs,as supporters,as first.
We're annoying,way too much,we're talking over and over about the same issues (may be the transfer market or the political expressions from some supporters,be it president's flaws...) and we haven't solved anything in...10 years.

Honestly,my position is that contest how

As much as it hurts them to admit, they have to come to the realization that we do not own SS Lazio, a certain Mr Claudio Lotito does
May be legally true but SS Lazio is not a common S.P.A.,or we believe it to be something different,related to supporter's passions and hopes.
Now i come to the worst aspect,hopes:
I would appreciate much more to hear "listen,we are poor,broken,w/e,we can't purchase good players so we must go forward with what we have" or "ok,sorry,we've made some mistakes along the way,but we'll fix them on the road with your support".
Fine as that ,as i'm a very weird kind of person and i believe in sincerity and cooperation over reaching an objective.
Instead no,lotito does all the opposite,let aside his terrible personality and his tendency to clash against everybody that is not his own self.
But as said,no,lotito and tare keeps saying blatant lies (concurring for third place,this season,meanwhile everybody perceived the 5/6th place as the best obtainable) ,weakening the team,missing the necessary footsteps over and over again during at least three seasons,missing to defend Lazio against a list of former enemies (Mauri's case,Minala's case,Varsavia's case...i can continue,those are just the most recent ones) thats so long that we could actually write a pamphlet,but no,he (lotito) aims to create new enemies inside and outside Lazio's field.

All in all,Lotito wanted to ride the tiger,he even tried it at very first,but suddenly both sides revealead their former nature and the situation became as it is now.
Lazio is to rebuild,'cause Lazio is a football team that lives out of being followed and supported by his people,not from selling cars or laundries.
If Lotito can't afford the price of holding SS Lazio he can just place it on the market and look at what happens.

P.s. writing in italian? nah,i love to write in english and i'm about to move in the U.K hopefully from incoming september,lets see and hope!  :D
Must fix grammar/spelling a bit and talking-writing in english helps me tho...  :)

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