Do we sell Hernanes?

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Do we sell Hernanes?
« il: 07 Lug 2013, 05:39 »
I know that this is already being discussed on the italian side , but we need an English language perspective.

BTW:  I say Yes, take the 30M from PSG.  Spend 20M on a creative midfielder and a striker.  We will be better off!

Forza Lazio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:Do we sell Hernanes?
« Risposta #1 il: 07 Lug 2013, 06:15 »
tough question, Im less inclined to sell a player especially if he bleeds biancoceleste.
If he really wants to stay and is still a good contributor I say keep him

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Re:Do we sell Hernanes?
« Risposta #2 il: 30 Ago 2013, 09:33 »
It would be a good move to take the 30M or so and spend them for whatever appropriate.
Reality is that the actual offer never came in.

What is changing is that he now has the sufficient caps in his National Team to play in the UK.
So I'll keep enjoying the player until it lasts (and when he is in the mood, which does not happen all the times).



Re:Do we sell Hernanes?
« Risposta #3 il: 30 Ago 2013, 10:08 »
do we sell our best player?

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Re:Do we sell Hernanes?
« Risposta #4 il: 31 Ago 2013, 13:30 »
We don't sell him,at least not for this season,next year is world cup that will potentially change the scenario (unless Brasil goes that bad,which i doubt).

I believe the President and the coach made up few points at the end of the latest seasons which led our team to get reinforced and not weakened through selling our best players in a moment our team can really grow for good.
We have good players in our main team and many young guys next to ready for the great football,so who knows what will happen within' some years from now.
So you can see our team purchased Biglia,Felipe Anderson and seems seriously oriented in signing a striker as well before the 2 september,stay tuned!
My bets goes on waiting the 2014 world cup,hopefully before the competition hernanes will renew his contract with a clause that would back Lazio's interests as well in case we sell him after the world cup.
Hernanes is a champion at the sight of his last contract of his career,he desire to play and win for the big shoots we can't sadly guarantee to him,saying about Champions League at first,what point for him to leave Lazio and go to some other 2nd tier team such as Psg? just cuz they are rich? i can guess if he's about to leave it will be only for top teams such as Real Madrid,Barca,Man Utd,Chelsea or Bayern,not some deep pocket club that can only offer him to win the Ligue 1 without competition. ;)

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