Klose ha solo segnato quando...

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Klose ha solo segnato quando...
« il: 30 Gen 2012, 06:21 »
il chievo era in ginocchio...

quoted from the DS tonight. and i've literally had enough...enough enough enough.
stayed up and had to wait 1 hour and 45 minutes for them to speak about US for all of one and a half minutes.
enough enough enough.
rai international...whatever you call yourselves, you're not getting one more penny from me starting tomorrow.

and by the way, when Miro scores he SCORES.

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Re:Klose ha solo segnato quando...
« Risposta #1 il: 13 Feb 2012, 12:09 »
Rai international = as roma supporters



Re:Klose ha solo segnato quando...
« Risposta #2 il: 20 Feb 2012, 06:28 »
i didn't want to open a new topic about this, but i need to get it off my chest...
and inside these 4 walls i live in i've shared the sentiment with the people that surround me many times since the january transfer window.
not being able to buy Honda is nearly not as bad as getting rid of Djib...He could have made a real difference on thursday and today. and let's not joke about it (altro che Sculli e Stendardo).
Character is character, and you had it djib...wish you were still with us.

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